Celebrating research & research participants this Clinical Trials Day

May 18, 2023

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated annually on May 20th to honor the contributions of clinical research professionals, who dedicate themselves to improving healthcare, developing life-saving treatments, and advancing the future of health for all.

This year, to help celebrate the day, we’ve released our Providence Research Network 2022 annual research report. The report highlights the achievements made possible by Providence’s community of researchers, caregivers, partners, and the more than 3500 individuals who participated in clinical research through Providence and our ministries in 2022. 

Click here to read the report.

The importance of clinical trials in advancing healthcare

Clinical trials are vital to developing the next generation of treatments and therapies, helping evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, medical devices, and treatments before they are approved for use in the general population. The success of clinical trials depends heavily on the dedication and commitment of researchers and their teams, who work tirelessly to design and implement these studies, ensure participant safety, maintain compliance, and collect accurate data. Examples of our researchers' 2022 efforts include:

  • Helping give our patients as many birthdays, anniversaries, and family dinners as possible through breakthrough treatments, like a first-of-its-kind clinical trial designed to treat advanced pancreatic cancer for 72-year-old patient Kathy Wilkes. Watch the video for Kathy’s story
  • Advancing health equity through a collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer known as The Dream Team. The initiative is designed to empower communities at the highest risk of colorectal cancer and encourage screenings through locally based teams of trusted community members known as Community Health Action Teams. Read more in our blog.
  • Developing widely used expert consensus guidelines to address commonly asked questions regarding the care of patients with cardiac symptoms after SARS-CoV-2 infection, the virus that causes COVID-19. Read more.

Our commitment to research participants and the future of health

At Providence, we recognize the critical role that research participants play in these efforts and are truly grateful for their contributions. And we are dedicated to ensuring that research is conducted ethically and with the utmost attention to participant safety and privacy, and in compliance with federal rules and regulations. Through our research network and partnerships, we will continue to push the boundaries of medical science and work towards a healthier future for all.

On this Clinical Trials Day, we would like to express our gratitude to all the researchers, research teams, and research participants working to build the future of health. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment are truly making a difference in the lives of our patients and communities. Thank you!

Download the 2022 Annual Research Report, here.

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