Thinking about having a baby?

January 26, 2022 Providence News Team

With the right healthcare provider, you’ll feel supported before, during and after your pregnancy.

Pregnancy kicks off an exciting time of life with many unfolding changes and questions galore. When it comes to having a baby, moms-to-be have several provider options to choose from. For many pregnant mothers, a Family Obstetrics (OB) doctor is an excellent choice.

“Family OB physicians have a holistic approach to childbirth — much like a midwife — but since they are doctors, their background resembles that of an obstetrician,” says Norah Nguyen, MD, Providence Medical Group Mill Creek. “A Family OB physician is the primary doctor for an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy and delivery. However, the relationship with our patient doesn’t end there.”

Raymond Aguilar, MD, Providence Medical Group Marysville, elaborates. “Choosing maternity care with a Family OB physician allows you to see one doctor for all your care needs including prenatal, postpartum and ongoing care for both you and your child,” he says. “Plus, because Family OB doctors are trained to address a full range of health concerns, during your prenatal visit you can address other non-pregnancy related health issues, such as depression, or a cold, without having to make an appointment with another doctor.”

Personalized care for you and your family

“Family OB physicians accept a limited number of patients. This provides you with personalized care for you and your family during your in-hospital labor and delivery,” says Thejana Marasinghe, MD, Providence Medical Group Mill Creek. “A Family OB doctor will work with you to develop a birth experience according to your preferences and choices. And if a patient requires a Caesarean section, Family OB physicians co-manage your care with an on-site obstetrician at the Providence Pavilion for Women and Children in Everett.”

Pregnancy is a natural part of life, and for many mothers with low-risk pregnancies, having a Family OB physician as the gatekeeper of their family’s healthcare offers many benefits.

“Building a relationship with our patients and their family members is the most gratifying aspect of our work as Family OB physicians,” says Dr. Aguilar. “Our patients tell us the ongoing physician-patient relationship is what they value, too.”

Providence Medical Group’s Marysville and Mill Creek clinics have Family OB physicians who are available to care for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Visit to learn more.

From left, Dr. Aguilar, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Marasinghe -- Family OB physicians accepting new patients at Providence Medical Group.

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