Providence Celebrates Delivery of 100th Baby Box

August 17, 2018 Providence News Team

Polson, MT—Providence St. Joseph Medical Center congratulates local community group, Helping Hands, on the delivery of their 100th Baby Box.

Baby Boxes are offered as a welcoming gift to mothers, and are designed to be a first crib and mattress for infants. They are filled with baby supplies such as blankets, diapers and wipes, and are available to every mother who gives birth in Polson and Ronan hospitals. Baby Boxes are especially helpful to mothers who are experiencing transitions, crisis and homelessness.

Providence pediatrician Emily Hall, DO, underlined the success of the program. “The baby boxes have been so appreciated by families. St. Joseph Medical Center is working hard to address community needs and keep young children safe and healthy. We typically distribute the baby boxes to all families with newborn infants establishing care in our clinic and use the gift from Helping Hands as a tool to teach about safe sleep.”

“Since starting this project in December 2017, there have been zero infants in our emergency department who have died as a result of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)”, Dr. Hall continues. “Together, we are making a difference to impact the health of infants in our community. What a joyful message to share from the community to our newest and youngest patients: ‘We care, and we want you to be safe'.”

For more information on the Baby Box project or if you would like to get involved, please call Helping Hands: 406-883-8256.

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