The Future of Health: An interview with Providence’s Mike Butler

July 13, 2020 Providence News Team

Providence believes that health is a human right, and housing has become an ever-increasing part of that dynamic. The link between health and housing is a key focus area for Providence as we strive to help build healthy and thriving communities. This is an integral part of Providence’s vision for the future of health.

Providence is also committed to delivering care to our communities in a way that fits into busy lives. Virtual healthcare is a timely example of our commitment to digital innovation, as the COVID-19 pandemic has required new ways to serve patients on demand.

Dr. Josh Luke, who left the hospital C-Suite to become a social entrepreneur and advocate for affordable care, sat down with Mike Butler, president of strategy and operations at Providence, to discuss an array of topics and Providence’s top priorities in delivering on the promise of ushering in the future of health. Watch the videos below.

Providence action towards housing needs – Mike describes the way that Providence is able to partner with other organizations within each community they serve to deliver the most effective and lasting housing solutions possible.

Providence and behavioral health needs – Providence firmly believes that mental health is part of healthcare. Learn about the philosophy and process around our mental health programs and how they’re being implemented and supported within our regional areas.

How Providence is focused on value-based care – Providence is constantly striving to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients at the lowest equitable costs. Mike shares how this is achieved through local governance and data analysis that is used to correlate the costs of care against meaningful outcomes.

Providence uses demographics to create effective partnerships – Providence locations are often found in areas where more vulnerable populations need services. Learn how Providence seeks communities in need when building partnerships outside of the hospitals.

How Providence addresses price transparency – Dr. Luke specializes in affordable healthcare for the future. In this discussion, we learn how Providence is helping patients to understand the terms and specifications of their personal healthcare plans.

How Providence focuses on innovation – About six years ago, Providence hired Aaron Martin as its first chief digital officer. Subsequently, the organization invested in 16 different digital companies in order to remain ahead of the curve in digital innovation.

How Providence views outpatient care – When considering the best methods for providing outpatient care at competitive patient costs, Providence went through a process of deconstructing its existing hospital care model to best suit patient needs.

How people can help with the housing crisis – In this discussion, the focus is on different ways to lend a hand to the ongoing housing and homeless issue - from helping in a local soup kitchen to supporting government programs, or contributing to private, sustainable causes.

Providence’s view of the future of health care workforce – Although none of us has a crystal ball, some of the trends Providence is seeing for the future healthcare workforce include care for the aging, technology and AI focus, as well as the ongoing need for ambulatory caregivers and surgeons.

We hope these videos give you a sense of the passion and dedication Providence brings every day to deliver world class care to the communities it serves. To learn more about our vision for healthcare transformation, check out our Future of Health podcast series


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