A Community-Inspired Conversation About Health Information

Healthcare is complex to understand and navigate. It’s a challenge to identify accurate information, but even more difficult to make use of that information to help achieve healthier outcomes. This often creates a recurring cycle of reactive-based care that often results in ER visits and prevents our ability to get proactive about our health.

Digital can help, but innovation can’t just happen from afar. Effective and sustainable change requires real conversations with real people to truly understand potential solutions.

We collaborated with Grapevine Health Founder and CEO, Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, to go ‘on-the-street’ and talk to people about the myriad challenges facing underserved patient populations and use those conversations as fuel for innovation.

In these rich brainmeld collaboration sessions, experts from the Providence Digital Innovation Group, the broader Providence team and Dr. Lisa herself unpack challenges heard directly from people—and collaborate in real-time around how and where digital can fuel sustainable solutions.

This episode focuses on the challenges surrounding how patients receive and interpret health information. Key themes covered in this conversation:

  • How the “grapevine” influences how health information is transmitted between patients
  • How a “one size fits all” approach won’t breed success
  • The difference between “Truth” and “Trust” in the context of health information
  • The potential of Edutainment to deliver trusted health information that resonates with patients
  • How healthcare could benefit from a “try before you buy” concept applied to patient and provider matching

Solutions ranged from building a dating-like app for patient and physician relationships to new ways of delivering engaging health information for patients.

Watch the full episode below:


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