Providence Hospice Hosts New Volunteer Training

August 5, 2021 Providence News Team



Providence Hospice is seeking volunteer from diverse backgrounds to serve our patients and their extended network of family and friends.

With a focus on holistic care across many disciplines, volunteers play an integral role in supporting our hospice communities, utilizing their gifts of listening and empathy. While many facets of our volunteer program have been recalibrated in light of the pandemic, one constant has been the generous spirit and nature of volunteers willing and able to spend time with those in their final chapter here on Mother Earth. If this opportunity calls to you, please consider joining our upcoming September virtual training.

Our hospice program celebrates all faiths, identities, and backgrounds. While this has always been the case, the past few years have widened our eyes, opened our hearts and deepened our humility.  Please join our team of compassionate caregivers to bring healing and connection to those we serve. People of color, LGBTQ communities, people with disabilities, and other minorities and marginalized communities are embraced in our growing and evolving tapestry. In our training and beyond, we’ll dive into our work with equity and inclusiveness.

Hospice volunteers are needed in both rural and urban settings in Oregon. There is a special need for volunteers willing to serve in the Columbia Gorge and Clackamas, Clark, and Yamhill counties. Our next training begins September 14. The majority of our 18-hour training takes place in a virtual environment online, in 3-hour increments over the course of a month. Training culminates with an in-person Patient Care Lab Day, where we follow social distancing and masking guidelines. Volunteer applications are available and need to be submitted by Aug. 20, 2021 to join the September training opportunity.

Providence Hospice Volunteer Training - Fall 2021
1 to 4 p.m.
Sept. 14, Sept. 16, Sept. 21, Sept. 23, Sept. 28
Oct. 2, 3 hour in-person Patient Care Lab

The training course covers the basic principles of hospice, understanding the special needs of patients and their families, effective communication, patient care, pain and symptom management, spiritual care giving, and understanding grief and loss. No previous hospice experience is required.  Following training volunteers have the opportunity to provide caregiver respite, friendly visits, bedside vigils, animal assistance, veteran to veteran connections and grief support depending on the volunteer’s interest.  In addition, there are volunteer opportunities for licensed animal support teams and licensed massage therapists. We also are in need of volunteers who are bicultural and bilingual to better serve our diverse patient population.

Learn more about volunteering with Providence Hospice, including other opportunities with our volunteer, social work, and bereavement programs.  A background check is required, as is an in-depth interview and onboarding process.  Ideally, new volunteers can make a one-year minimum commitment for 2-4 hours per week, post training. Full PPE, including face-shields and gowns, are required during high- and medium- risk levels in the counties we serve.  In-services and educational opportunities are offered regularly. 

For more information, please view our website at or call us at  503.215.4857. 


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