The Think Tank Ep. 2: Leveraging Digital Solutions to Improve Access

What happens when you bring together two bright minds to tackle healthcare’s challenges?

This isn’t your typical brainstorm between healthcare experts. No, this is a supercharged session between two minds that work in similar, but very disparate industries. Our guests talk about a broad challenge they face, and discuss how they’ve approached the problem in their respective fields. The magic? To see how their approaches to a challenge can be applied to another industry to spark new avenues of innovation. This series is all about creating synergy between to different, but very like-minded healthcare and tech experts.

In this episode of The Think Tank, we brought together experts from both tech and healthcare to discuss problem areas that parallel their industries. Our guests had a candid discussion about the barriers they face, and brainstormed ways they could overcome the challenges that stand in the way of innovation in their respective industries.

In our second episode, we welcome our Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Sara Vaezy, and Amy Haupl, who is the VP of Experience Strategy & Research at LegalZoom to discuss how they’ve approached leveraging digital platforms to improve users’ access to services. It should be easy to access healthcare, but too often, that’s not the case. To improve the challenges of accessing care, we’re using tech to bring healthcare within reach. Take our health connect app, for example, it makes it easy to view medical records, make appointments, and more. We’ve improved patient access through what we call a “digital front door.” However, we want to keep innovating, and we know we can learn from outside our industry for insight and inspiration.

To see how progress outside of healthcare can inspire new ways to innovate, Sara spoke with Amy, to learn about how her team approached similar challenges that stood in their way. As it turns out, the healthcare and legal industries face a lot of the same challenges in terms of access to professional services.

Listen below to see how PSJH and LegalZoom are leveraging digital solutions to create a “digital front door” access point for their users:

You can also watch this breakdown video, which gives a great summary of Sara and Amy’s conversation from the podcast:

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