Outschool.com for home school

As noted in a previous article, there are many online learning options for parents to explore while we’re all sheltering in place. One that has stood out to me is Outschool.com. This is a learning environment that truly does mimic a classroom setting, but does it virtually through Zoom.

Whether your child is into art, wants to learn to code or needs help decoding words, Outschool.com offers an intuitive and user-friendly environment to select the types of classes that will engage the mind of any child.

They provide a mix of live lessons with a clearly defined schedule and on-demand classes through “Flex” offerings. The classes range from a little as $12 for a one-off to $80+ for a 4-6-week session. They are also very communicative through email and via the ‘talk with the teacher’ online form.

Having enrolled my daughter in 2 classes in the last week, I’m finding it hard to identify a better deal for the quality I’ve observed.

I hope you’re finding some interesting ways to further your kids’ education during this uncertain time. Hang in there, and just do your best. We're all in this together. 

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