COVID cases on the rise: Help slow the spread

PROVIDENCE OREGON – Recently, COVID tests jumped to 11% positive in Oregon, up from 4% in July. The number of clinicians and caregivers out sick with COVID is increasing. The graph below shows the number testing positive each week in Oregon.

With the rise in COVID cases, please increase your focus on the following current policies.


  • Maintain a low threshold to test patients with respiratory symptoms for COVID.
    • Anyone with even mild COVID symptoms should receive a test as soon as possible, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Place these patients on transmission-based precautions.
  • If you’re exposed to COVID, contact caregiver health for guidance – even if you don’t have symptoms.
    • Call 949-534-4450.
  • If you develop COVID symptoms, stay home from work and contact caregiver health to report illness and get guidance on returning to work.
  • Strongly consider wearing a mask when encountering a patient (for example, when providing direct patient care, entering a patient's room or interacting with a patient or visitor during therapy or treatment.)

Learn more

  • For information about COVID prevention practices for your area, talk with your core leader.
  • If you have questions about clinician requirements for COVID testing and returning to work, contact caregiver health services at 949-534-4450.
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