Victims of storms supported by St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund

October 18, 2022 Providence News Team

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The 2022/2023 hurricane season is already one of the more destructive in recent years, as many of us have seen from recent news coverage about those caught in the paths of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian. Some of the scenes are heartbreaking.  

Disasters like these draw us together in compassion and give us the opportunity to consider extending our Mission to incredibly vulnerable people. In keeping with our long history of service, Providence and the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund continue to respond to those stricken by natural disasters at home and abroad. 

To help provide immediate relief for people affected by these hurricanes and future storms this season, SJCPF is providing grant funding to two well-established organizations with wide-ranging, global networks. 
SJCPF has awarded $100,000 grants each to Catholic Charities USA and to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy as they respond to the most urgent needs of communities damaged or nearly destroyed in the wake of recent hurricanes.  
Often, these times of emergency have the greatest impact on rural, at-risk, impoverished communities without a FEMA declaration and the funds that follow. Catholic Charities is stepping in to provide emergency grants to help with immediate needs as well as ongoing stability for those whose lives have been disrupted, and in some cases, devastated.
At the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, this immediate funding provides recovery aid and assistance to its Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund as the center responds to ongoing and emerging philanthropic and humanitarian needs.  
Even during times of financial challenge as we are experiencing in the U.S. health care sector, Catholic-sponsored organizations and other like-minded partners will answer the call to serve the most vulnerable. St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund is building strong relationships with both organizations so that we can remain a part of rebuilding efforts after powerful storms. 

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