Immunotherapy studies open for triple-negative breast cancer

January 24, 2019 Providence News Team

Emerging research is finding that immunotherapy may extend survival for some women with triple-negative breast cancer. Providence Cancer Institute, a leader in immunotherapy research, is actively investigating options for this aggressive cancer. Studies are open now for women with metastatic and non-metastatic TNBC, including these featured studies:

An International, Multi-Center, Open-Label, Randomized, Phase III Trial of Sacituzumab Govitecan (IMMU-132) versus Treatment of Physician Choice in Patients with Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Who Received at Least Two Prior Treatments (ASCENT)

Sacituzumab govitecan is an antibody-drug conjugate that targets a glycoprotein expressed in more than 90 percent of triple-negative breast cancers. In 2016, the FDA granted it breakthrough therapy designation for metastatic TNBC following at least two prior treatments, and it is currently under priority review for licensing. Read about previous studies of this therapy in OncLive

A Randomized, Phase III Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of MK-3475 (Pembrolizumab) as Adjuvant Therapy for Triple Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer With ≥ 1 cm Residual Invasive Cancer or Positive Lymph Nodes (ypN+) After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) is a monoclonal antibody that is FDA approved for several other types of cancer. It works by interfering with PD-1, a protective mechanism on the surface of cancer cells. This trial is studying how well pembrolizumab works in treating triple-negative breast cancer. 

For more information about these studies, or to enroll a patient, call our Clinical Research office at 503-215-2614.

See more breast cancer studies

More than 20 research studies investigating a broad spectrum of breast cancer therapies and interventions are currently open at Providence Cancer Institute, including several for triple-negative breast cancer. 

We offer studies aimed at improving cure rates, quality of life and survival for both early-stage and metastatic breast cancer patients. These studies range from small phase I clinical trials to larger international studies, including studies from the National Cancer Institute, our own NCI Community Oncology Research Program (the Pacific Cancer Research Consortium), and pharmaceutical industry partners. Our own investigator-initiated research studies, available exclusively at Providence Cancer Institute, focus on novel approaches that harness the immune system to treat cancer.

New research studies are added frequently. Please visit our website to see all breast cancer studies currently open at Providence Cancer Institute. 

A team of breast cancer specialists

The research team at the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute at Providence Cancer Institute includes oncologists who specialize exclusively in breast cancer, as well as breast-cancer-focused research nurses, laboratory scientists, data coordinators and lab assistants. Every person on this team is passionate about providing the best possible care and the best available study options for patients with breast cancer.

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