7 Take Charge Tips From Our New Breast Cancer Navigator

October 18, 2011 Andrea Potter

Many of you may already know or recognize me because I have been caring for cancer patients in the community for the past eight years. The Providence Regional Cancer System is like family to me. I began my nursing career here and know the doctors, the staff and the community.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I want you to feel empowered as your own health advocate. Remember that you are not just a patient, but that you are the customer and should be made comfortable and happy. Here are some ‘take charge’ tips:

  • Simplify things by keeping a journal and calendar to track symptoms and appointments.
  • Be honest with your doctor about how you’ve been adhering to your treatment plan.
  • It’s ok to seek a second opinion.
  • Keep your own medical file and request copies of your records.
  • Let me help you with practical problems that can get in the way like temporary housing, transportation or financial support.
  • Take care of your emotional health by using counseling or integrative therapies.
  • Keep up on changes in breast cancer research.

I am here for you throughout this journey, and the sky’s the limit to the resources I can help you access and support I can provide.

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