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28 transforMing our future Transforming Our Future What it means to transform our future Diversify sources of earnings to ensure sustainability of the ministry Digitally enable, simplify, and personalize the health experience Create an integrated scientific wellness, clinical research and genomics program that is nationally recognized for breakthrough advances Utilize insights and value from data to drive strategic transformation Activate the voice and presence of PSJH nationally to improve health New Providence Brand In early 2020, we unveiled a new brand to unify our diverse family of organizations. The St. Joseph Health cross and colors, combined with the word Providence, forge an elegant symbol of unity while celebrating our strong heritages. Our South Bay ministries began transitioning to new signage and ID badges in the fourth quarter of 2020. While we are unifying under one brand, Providence, the name of our ministries remain the same: Little Company of Mar y San Pedro and Torrance. Thanks to input from thousands of caregivers and those we serve; ever y element of our brand was designed with deep meaning. Our new look and feel incorporates images of lace which is meant to evoke the Sisters of St. Joseph, who in the late 1600s, taught women living on the streets of France the fine art of lace making. This gave them a livelihood that respected their dignity and provided a way out of poverty. Today, the lace is not finished. We are called to continue weaving the tapestr y by recognizing the inherent human dignity in ever y person we serve, especially those who are most vulnerable. The word Providence is profoundly meaningful – defined as the protective care of God. The Sisters of Providence were originally the Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor. The people of Montreal named them Providence because they were doing the work of God. When you see our new brand, may it be a reminder of how we are called to serve and see ever y interaction as a sacred encounter. We will respond to the signs of the times, pursuing new opportunities that transform our services. We seek to expand and sustain our Mission.

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