4.18.24 Labor Negotiation News

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April 18, 2024 Dear PAMC Nurse Colleagues: Today, Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) was no�fied that Alaska Nurses Associa�on (AaNA) is organizing a picket May 1 related to current contract nego�a�ons. As you know, PAMC and the union have been nego�a�ng a new contract for PAMC nurses in recent months as the current contract expires at the end of April. Both par�es previously agreed to engage a federal mediator April 22-23, and PAMC was preparing for next week's media�on in good faith with the goal of reaching a complete tenta�ve agreement. Members of the PAMC nego�a�ng team even re-scheduled travel plans and mee�ngs so they could atend. We are extremely disappointed in AaNA's apparent decision not to try and reach a complete tenta�ve agreement in next week's media�on. In previous nego�a�on sessions, the two par�es reached tenta�ve agreements on several topics, including: • A leter of understanding on rest and meal periods • Clarifying language on Registry nurse shi� obliga�ons • Jury duty leave • Care sets • Improved vaca�on scheduling process • Expanded preceptor language The only ar�cles le� to resolve are compensa�on and AaNA's proposed staffing ra�os, and the teams have exchanged only two compensa�on proposals so far. PAMC's most recent total compensa�on proposal exceeds what we agreed to in the en�re current contract. This includes: • Year 1 – 4% across-the-board increase • Year 2 – 2% across-the-board increase • Year 3 – 2% across-the-board increase • Step schedule enhancements in 2024 equal to 1.7% increase for more experienced nurses, APRNs, clinical educators and team leads • Enhancements to Registry nurse step schedule • Increased evening differen�al from $2.50 to $3 per hour • Increased night shi� differen�al from $4.50 to $5 per hour

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