March 6 update PAMC and AaNA meet for a fourth contract negotiation session

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March 6, 2024 Dear Providence Alaska Medical Center Nursing Leaders: PAMC and AaNA meet for a fourth contract nego�a�on session On March 5-6, Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) and the Alaska Nurses Associa�on (AaNA) met for a fourth �me to nego�ate a new contract covering PAMC nurses. The teams primarily discussed non- economic topics, including meal and rest breaks, staffing concerns, and PTO-related items (such as �meframes for responding to nurses' PTO requests). We are very happy to report the teams reached tenta�ve agreement on Ar�cle 5 – Seniority/Layoff; Ar�cle 3 – Defini�ons; Ar�cle 6 – Hours of Work and Over�me; and Ar�cle 9 – Paid Time Off. These tenta�ve agreements resolved issues rela�ng to meal and rest breaks, and other non-economic issues important to both the Associa�on and PAMC. Next Steps The teams did not have an opportunity to exchange wage proposals during this nego�a�on session. We an�cipate compensa�on to be the primary topic of our upcoming nego�a�on session later this month. The teams are also discussing whether it may make sense to bring in a federal mediator to help them come to agreement on compensa�on and the remaining non-economic items. The next bargaining session is scheduled for March 28-29. Keeping you informed We are here to answer your ques�ons and discuss issues you care about. Email communica�on.phsa@providence4.onmicroso�.com and look to Labor Nego�a�on News for the latest updates a�er each bargaining session. These updates are also available online for your easy access. Feel free to share this informa�on in conversa�ons with your teams. 2024 Contract Nego�a�ons Bargaining Team • Rachelle Wills, atorney • Lisa Arnold, human resource consultant • Jenny McConnel, human resources business partner • Moriah Miles, human resources business partner • Carrie Peluso, chief nursing officer • Gian Hembrador, director surgical services • Megan Piper, director service opera�ons • Kate Armstrong, director nursing Scheduled nego�a�on dates March 28-29, 2024

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