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Providence. Over time, we will work with our other-than-Catholic partners to determine how best to preserve and strengthen their brands while clearly indicating they are part of our diverse network of care.  The legal name of the parent organization will remain Providence St. Joseph Health.   With a change of this magnitude, we know that some throughout the organization will experience this as a loss. However, our Sponsors, Board and our leadership team recognized that in order to strengthen Catholic health care in our communities, we need an easily identifiable brand that ensures patients, families, employers and consumers recognize and understand our comprehensive and diverse network of care. Equally important is ensuring that our new brand reflects our Catholic identity and celebrates our founding congregations so that we can faithfully continue their work for generations to come. We commit to honoring and strengthening our diverse heritages inside and outside the organization. Why now? Our health care environment is more challenging than it has ever been. We are successfully strengthening our mission despite diminishing reimbursements while caring for an older and sicker population and a growing number of under and uninsured individuals. At the same time, consumers are demanding simplified access, and for-profit companies are aggressively pursuing commercially covered patients. A unified brand is essential for us to continue to thrive in this environment. A unified brand will:  • Make it easier for people to recognize which ministries and partners are part of our comprehensive network of care; • Tie our clinical work together and help us tell our safety and quality story; • Help us recruit the biggest hearts and best minds into our organization; and   • Allow us to be more effective advocates for value-based health care reform and a stronger voice for the poor and vulnerable.   A meaningful logo and word, deeply rooted in our heritages Both the new logo and word reflect our heritages in a profound way. The logo roots the brand in the heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. The word Providence roots the brand in the heritage of the Sisters of Providence. As Sr. Mary Therese Sweeney, a Sister of St. Joseph of Orange explained, "The four equal arms in the cross speak to the common dignity of everyone and the love of neighbor without distinction.

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