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November 7, 2022 Providence News Team

Coming Soon!

Behavioral Health Concierge is now OneBody


What is OneBody?

OneBody, a clinically-led health platform has replaced Providence’s Behavioral Health Concierge (BHC). OneBody will offer many of the same services you’ve received through BHC, plus more. You’ll now have a one stop shop to book appointments with your OneBody care team, participate in virtual visits, access your personalized plan of care, and track your progress.

What will be different?

  • You will have the ability to book appointments online.
  • The OneBody platform will replace MyChart, providing convenient access to all services: appointment setting, your care plan, and digital support tools.

What remains the same?

  • You can still call 1-833-724-9355 to book an appointment if preferred.
  • All our mental health professionals are trained at the master's level in clinical social work and have a professional license to practice in your state. Our team can help you navigate the mental health system to find a psychiatrist within your health plan if needed.

Mental Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of mental health issues are supported?

Our mental health professionals can help with a wide range of issues, from typical life stressors to serious mental concerns. Some of the common concerns we talk with clients about include:

  • constant worry
  • insomnia
  • withdrawal
  • behavioral problems in children or teens
  • chronic fatigue
  • hopelessness
  • thoughts of wanting to die
  • increased drug or alcohol use
  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • parenting issues
  • burnout
  • crisis support
  • addiction
  • navigating the mental health system
  • and many other challenges.

What happens on the first visit?

A visit includes a brief overview of our services and clarification of the issues you are calling about. Your therapist will ask questions to better understand your concerns and unique situation. Once the main issues have been clarified, your therapist will work with you to design your personalized plan of care.

What does a plan of care include?

Your personalized plan of care will be solution focused, action oriented and may include goals, objectives, treatment methods and frequency of visits as recommended by your therapist. Your therapist will employ interventions and evidence-based approaches to address your particular concerns. Together, you’ll work toward meeting the goals within your plan of care.

What services are offered?

We may offer digital tools to help you address your difficulties. As necessary, we will help you navigate the mental health system in your local area, which may include education about options available through your health plan and/or a referral directly to providers or resources.  Follow-up visits with your therapist will be an opportunity to explore and determine any areas of difficulty, challenges or additional directions that might work best for you.

Who are the mental health professionals that provide this service?

All of our mental health professionals are trained at the master's level in clinical social work and have a professional license to practice in your state. Our mental health professionals have an extensive background working as counselors across a variety of settings, managing complex mental health needs, and working with individuals and families. They all have comprehensive training in evidence-based psychotherapies and other therapeutic interventions. In addition, our team also consults with an in-house psychiatrist as needed.

Can this service connect me to a psychiatrist?

Yes, our team can refer you to a psychiatrist within your health plan.

Will I be able to be prescribed medication?

No, we do not prescribe medication. However, if it is determined that you need a higher level of care including medication, our team can refer you to another provider within your health plan.

Will I have access to a summary of my visit?

An after-visit summary will be available in the OneBody/member section. The mental health professional will provide tools and strategies to try on your own along with treatment recommendations and may include referrals to other health care professionals.

Is it possible to see a counselor in person through our program?

Our services are currently only offered virtually, however our team can refer you to an in-person counselor within your health plan.

Can children use OneBody services?

Yes, all our mental health professionals have experience and training working with children, adolescents, and families. We sometimes find that the most effective interventions are in supporting the parents of children with mental health issues and we’ll work with you to identify the best approach for your unique family situation.

What do I do if I or my family member is having a mental health crisis or expressing suicidal thoughts?

Our mental health professionals are trained to address a wide range of mental health issues including crises and suicidal thoughts. If you or your family member are not feeling safe (or are experiencing an imminent threat of self-harm or harm to others), you should call 911 or go to the closest emergency department. You can also call 988 for the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Which way should I go if I am a Providence caregiver and a Providence Health Plan member?

Providence caregivers and their household members who are also Providence Health Plan members should choose the Providence caregiver option.

What is OneBody?

OneBody is an industry-first, clinically-led, health-system backed whole-person health platform designed for individuals who need mental health and/or weight management support. OneBody is your one stop shop to book appointments with your OneBody care team, participate in virtual visits, access your personalized plan of care, and track your progress. OneBody was built for health systems and is now available to non-health care customers.

Who owns OneBody?

We are a fully owned subsidiary of Providence.

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