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Removing barriers to care | Affordable care in Centralia

More and more, people with health insurance are finding that they cannot afford their remaining balance after they face an unexpected health emergency.

That’s what happened when Paulina of Mossyrock, Wash., learned she had cancer in 2017. But after talking to a Providence financial counselor, she started her treatment with peace of mind because Providence took care of her insurance co-pays and deductibles.

At Providence, our family of organizations offers free or low-cost care for patients in need of financial assistance. It’s a vital part of our community benefit investments because it helps ensure that our patients without full insurance coverage or the ability to pay can get the care they need.

Paulina and her husband, Bruce, had no idea how they would pay for her treatments, but Financial Counselor Sandy Claxton at Providence Centralia Hospital got them enrolled in a financial assistance program to pay all of Paulina’s bills after her insurance paid its part.

‘Sandy is an angel; she’s so special to me,” Paulina said. “Everyone at Providence is an angel. I am more at peace knowing Providence is always there, that I can count on them if I need help.”

Learn more about Paulina’s sacred encounter with Sandy in this video.

During 2021, Providence Centralia Hospital provided financial assistance to 3,806 patients in need.

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