Free virtual event on MRI-guided radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer

Providence Cancer Institute is partnering with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) for a free virtual patient education event:

MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy and Pancreatic Cancer

Featured speaker: Amar J. Srivastava, M.D., MPH, radiation oncologist
Providence Cancer Institute and The Oregon Clinic
When: Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Register here

Everyone is invited to attend this important talk about MRI-guided radiation therapy and how it is used to treat pancreatic cancer. Providence was the first facility in the Pacific Northwest to offer the technology – the biggest advancement in radiation oncology in over two decades. 

Unlike standard radiotherapy, MRI-guided radiation therapy allows radiation oncologists to precisely target and track a tumor. Physicians see in real time if a patient’s tumor has shifted due to movement from the bowels, regular breathing or a heartbeat. The precision and tracking ability of this technology helps reduce the effects of radiation on healthy tissue.

Earlier this year, Dr. Srivastava shared the benefits of MRI-guided radiation treatments:

About Dr. Amar J. Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava was first introduced to the field of Radiation Oncology when his brother-in-law was diagnosed with a glioblastoma. This experience showed Dr. Srivastava that a cancer diagnosis affects both a patient and their family and taught him to experience cancer care from the patient's perspective. 

Dr. Srivastava was trained in Magnetic Resonance-Guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT) during residency at the first center to utilize this technology in the U.S. and has over four years of experience with this technology. He is trained in MR-based adaptive radiotherapy, offered at The Oregon Clinic Radiation Oncology. Dr. Srivastava also brings extensive training in gynecologic and genitourinary high-dose rate brachytherapy, which is used to treat cervical/endometrial cancers and prostate cancers.

Learn more about MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy at Providence Cancer Institute.

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