Why participating in the U.S. Census is so important

July 24, 2020 Providence News Team

The U.S. Census data guide government aid to communities that determine the success of efforts such as emergency preparedness, initiatives to address homelessness, food security programs, and a wide array of environmental and citizen safety programs. Jennifer Lee, partnership lead for the United States Census Bureau, noted there are three key reasons why the Census count is so important:

1. It’s a means to ensure an accurate representation of the people

2. Census data is used to determine funding for vital community programs

3. It is used to determine political representation in the U.S. Congress

Dora Barilla, who leads the community health initiatives for Providence, sat down in a Live interview with Jennifer and Jordan Abushawish, California state director of public affairs, to discuss how the U.S. Census provides the data and insights to help decision-makers understand how to ensure that government funds are deployed fairly and accurately to communities across America.

Watch the full 30-minute discussion below.

Some important reminders:

  • October 31, 2020 is the last day to respond
  • The 7-9 question survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • All responses are secure
  • Completion options include online/mobile, mail and by phone


Additional resources

It’s not too late to take the Census survey…COVID extension

U.S. Census Bureau

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