3.29.24 Labor Negotiation News

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March 29, 2024 Dear Providence Alaska Medical Center Nursing Leaders: PAMC and AaNA con�nue nego�a�ons March 28-29 The Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) and Alaska Nurses Associa�on (AaNA) bargaining teams met March 28-29 to discuss outstanding ar�cles for a new contract covering PAMC nurses. This includes ar�cles related to compensa�on, enhanced educa�on benefits, enhanced short-term disability and AaNA's staffing ra�o proposal. At the March 28 session, the AaNA team presented its first compensa�on proposal since December 2023. The session was atended by a large number of nurses. PAMC has been wai�ng for AaNA's economic proposal so the two groups could con�nue construc�ve discussions on across-the-board increases and changes to the step schedule. AaNA proposed a significant design change to the nurse wage schedules, represen�ng a minimum 2.4% increase in the first year of the contract without across the board increases. In addi�on to those changes, AaNA proposed a 6.5% across-the-board increase in year one, an 8.5% increase in year two and an 8% increase in year three. PAMC response to AaNA economic proposal PAMC has performed extensive compensa�on analyses and believes its nurse wages are compe��ve in the Anchorage market. PAMC nurse wages also meet or exceed several larger Washington-based hospitals in the Providence family of organiza�ons. Despite current PAMC nurse wages being market- compe��ve, the PAMC team is commited to providing meaningful compensa�on increases for its nurses. Demonstra�ng that commitment, PAMC delivered the following proposal to AaNA on March 29: • Wage schedule adjustments equal to a more than 1.6% increase in the first year of the contract, which is especially beneficial for nurses with more years of service credit. Similar adjustments would be made for advanced prac�ce nurses, clinical nurse specialists and team leaders. • A 4% across-the-board increase in year one of the contract, which is 1% more than the increase agreed upon in year one of the current contract. • A 2% across-the-board increase in year two of the contract. • A 2% across the board increase in year three of the contract. • Increases to evening and night shi� differen�als, charge nurse premium and standby/call pay. • Enhanced short-term disability, covering 100% of wage loss for up to eight weeks and 66.66% wage loss for six addi�onal months. Full- and part-�me nurses would be eligible for the benefit a�er a seven-day wai�ng period.

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