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Jan. 19, 2024 Dear Providence Alaska Medical Center Nursing Leaders: Contract nego�a�ons con�nue between PAMC and AaNA Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) and the Alaska Nurses Associa�on (AaNA) met Jan. 18-19 to con�nue nego�a�ons for a new contract covering PAMC nurses. PAMC appreciates the construc�ve dialogue AaNA has engaged in so far during nego�a�ons and looks forward to con�nuing these discussions in early February. PAMC introduces ini�al economic proposal The PAMC team provided its ini�al economic proposal on premiums, short-term disability benefits and across-the-board wage increases during the Jan. 18 bargaining session. While PAMC an�cipated the AaNA team would respond by the next day, the Associa�on's team said they need more �me to survey members on priori�es and will respond to this proposal at the next bargaining session in February. Below are key elements of PAMC's ini�al economic proposal should leaders get ques�ons from nurses: • Year one – across-the-board 3% increase (same amount as year one in the most recent contract) • Year two – across-the-board 2% increase • Year three – across-the-board 1.5% increase As infla�on decreases and the number of nurses entering the workforce increases, the PAMC team an�cipates wages will begin to normalize. The PAMC team recognizes these may not be the final numbers both par�es agree on for across-the-board wage increases in the first year of the contract. Please watch for addi�onal informa�on a�er the next scheduled nego�a�ons occur Feb. 5-6. Updates on other proposals and counter-proposals The PAMC team responded to AaNA's proposals and counter-proposals on several other subjects, including union orienta�on, Care Sets, absenteeism and tardiness, jury duty, overstaff order, the Home Health and Hospice ar�cle, break staffing and AaNA's proposed ra�os. The PAMC and AaNA teams reached tenta�ve agreement on revised language for mul�ple contract provisions and the Associa�on Membership and Representa�on and Home Health and Hospice ar�cles. PAMC, however, con�nues to maintain its posi�on on the AaNA's break nurse and staffing ra�o proposals and on PAMC's original proposal modifying the order for overstaff. The PAMC team does not believe ar�cles on staffing ra�os and break nurses can be effec�vely administered. Adop�on of these ar�cles would result in frequent disputes due to factors beyond PAMC's control, like unan�cipated increases in pa�ent census or sick call-outs.

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