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Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Fall/Winter 2022 Providence Health System Southern California 3345 Michelson Drive, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92612 The medical information contained in this newsletter should not be substituted for advice from your personal physician. NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE P A I D TORRANCE, CA. PERMIT # 89 If you do not wish to receive future issues of this publication, please call 855-747-2247 and leave your name and complete address as it appears on the mailing panel. A Little Bit of Prevention Goes a Long Way Yes, COVID-19 is still with us. And even though many of us have gone back to our pre-pandemic lives, it isn't time to let your guard down. At Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, we want you to be ready for a predicted COVID escalation this fall and winter, but also to remember it's flu season. It's time for dual vaccines—your flu shot and your next COVID booster—to help stay healthy through the holidays. Here are some helpful facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): It's safe to get your flu shot and a COVID-19 vaccine (primary series or booster) on the same day. In fact, the CDC is advising that people get a COVID-19 shot at the same time they get their flu shot. Many pharmacies and doctors' offices will have both vaccines on hand throughout the fall and winter. Don't forget about the kids! We want to protect them, too. Even though the COVID-19 vaccine has been approved and is recommended by the CDC for kids six months and older, only a small percentage of children who are eligible have been vaccinated. In Los Angeles County, fewer than 8% of children aged six months to four years have received a dose. Percentages increase for older children.

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