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Pre-Procedure Testing Instructions 4.0

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Pre-Procedure COVID-19 Testing Information for Patients Pre-Procedure Testing Instructions 4.0.docx 9/30/2022 You are receiving this information because you have been scheduled for a procedure at a Providence hospital in Oregon. Providence has stopped requiring pre-procedure COVID-19 tests for low-risk surgeries. COVID-19 testing is still required prior to surgeries classified as higher risk. Research suggests that a recent COVID-19 infection, even if you do not have symptoms, may contribute to a higher risk of complications after surgery. Please be sure to tell your surgeon if you've tested positive for COVID-19 in the 3 months prior to your surgery. If a test is required, and you do test positive, your surgeon will be notified to determine the safest course of action for you, which may be to delay surgery. If you need to get a COVID-19 test prior to surgery, a member of Providence Medical Group will contact you to arrange for testing. If you don't need a test, you won't be contacted. Please be aware that when Providence Medical Group calls you, the Caller ID may show "SPAM" or "ROBOCALL" – please be sure to answer your phone so you don't miss the call from Providence Medical Group. If required, COVID testing must be completed no earlier than 3 days before your surgery or procedure date. If you cannot keep your testing appointment, please call Providence Medical Group at 971-326-8718. Please use the automated "callback" feature to enter your phone number and wait for a call from PMG so you don't have to stay on hold. If your test is negative, this means you do not have COVID-19, and we will not be calling you with results (no news is good news!). If your test is positive, this means you do have COVID-19, and Providence Medical Group will notify you and to coordinate follow-up care. Unless your surgery is urgent, your case will be delayed while you recover. Your surgeon will discuss this with you. Use your phone to scan this code and learn more about how to stay safe for surgery

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