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"The Action Hub provides information and opportunities to take action in service to the community, and our planet, outside of the traditional health care setting," says Melissa Tiberio, Manager of Domestic Engagement. The connection between the health of our planet and the health of our population is clear and as health care workers, our caregivers want to help." Among the many opportunities available to caregivers, Providence's Love the Earth immersion program provides unique service events for caregivers who are looking to learn about Earth-friendly volunteerism and engage in physical service right in their own communities. In 2021, two immersion service events took place in Issaquah, Wash. and Portland, Ore. in partnership with local nonprofit organizations. Twenty-four caregivers served a collective 120 hours across the two events. In Issaquah, caregiver volunteers teamed up with staff members from Forterra, a Seattle-based environmental nonprofit, to remove invasive plants from a park. An education component of the immersion program exposed caregivers to the Providence WE ACT framework and helped build greater understanding of the planet's needs and how we can collectively contribute to our shared goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030. Love the Earth is an opportunity for caregivers to be actively involved in Providence's environmental stewardship work. By effectively pairing a learning module with personal reflection and physical outdoor service, caregivers have new ways to serve their communities and care for our planet. "Caregiver response to our immersion program so far has been overwhelmingly positive," says Daneen Calvin, Chief Mission Officer for Population Health. "Participants used words such as reflective, educational, physically active, restorative and inspiring to describe the experience. They reported that they came away feeling and knowing that they had made a difference for the health of our local communities." Activating and Empowering Caregivers Providence knows that our commitment to improving the health and well-being of everyone we serve extends to how we care for the planet. We recognize the tremendous impact that health care systems have on the environment, and we are working to engage all 120,000 caregivers across the seven states Providence serves to identify and implement meaningful solutions. We see passion in our dedicated caregivers and are channeling their energy into action by creating pathways to become more involved in environmental stewardship within the organization and in our communities. Providence's Global and Domestic Engagement team launched the Action Hub in June 2021 to help make it easier for caregivers to get involved in issues that they care about. This "one stop shop" dashboard is a convenient and expansive resource for educating caregivers about volunteer and philanthropic opportunities, advocacy and community partnerships. "The connection between the health of our planet and the health of our population is clear and as health care workers, our caregivers want to help." Melissa Tiberio, Manager of Domestic Engagement 2

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