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2 | Health Matters: Providence St. Mary Medical Center I 'm always inspired by the dedication of the Providence St. Mary Medical Center caregivers who tirelessly serve our High Desert community. In my position, I have a front-row seat to the care they provide our patients day in and day out, and I consider it a privilege to witness the wonderful work they do. The COVID-19 pandemic thrust health care workers all across the world into a much-deserved spotlight. Today, everyone has a seat like mine. The grueling demands spurred by the pandemic have been seen by all, as has the caregivers' heroic rise to meet them. What's less obvious, though, is the work being done that has little or nothing to do with COVID—work that ranges from the informative to the innovative to the inspirational. You'll find examples of this in the stories that make up this issue of Health Matters. Whether it's tips that encourage healthier eating habits, profiles of physicians and the specialty services they perform, training that's crucial to both new and experienced nurses amid a nationwide staffing shortage or the nearly four-century-old history of the mission that guides us, these stories highlight our commitment to the best-quality service. I personally want to point you to the story "In the Nick of Time," which chronicles the harrowing journey of Steve Wilbanks and how the FlowTriever—a first-of-its-kind piece of equipment we have at St. Mary— helped save his life. Mr. Wilbanks's story serves as a powerful reminder to listen to your body and to your doctor. As you'll read, Mr. Wilbanks isn't a fan of hospitals, but thankfully he heeded the advice of his doctor to get treatment right away after learning he had an acute pulmonary embolism blocking both lungs. The FlowTriever captured and removed the large blood clot, and he recovered. I hope the experience and positive outcome rid Mr. Wilbanks of his fear of hospitals. Based on his comments, I have confidence that it did. As COVID-19 continues to loom large nearly two years on, these stories stand as a testament to our caregivers' desire to serve others no matter the circumstances. The pandemic may have upended many of our lives, but it has not overshadowed the great work being done at St. Mary to keep people healthy, and I'm proud that we're spotlighting some of that work in these pages. I hope you find it inspiring. Respectfully, Randall Castillo, Chief Executive Providence St. Mary Medical Center To Our Beloved Community

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