Patient Connections - Patient-Family Handout Sept-2021

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Involving Family: • Phone Call: If your Loved One hasn't been able to answer the phone, ask to speak with the RN for help with talking to the Patient. • Video chatting: Hospital Wi-Fi can be used to connect to the internet. If your Loved One doesn't have a device, an iPad can be bor- rowed to use Facetime, Zoom, Duo or Skype. • Participate in Rounds: The Care Partner can be called by video chat or be placed on speaker phone when the Physician does his/her daily visit. • MyChart—sign up for the MyChart patient portal to see test results and notes. • The Care Partner can be called when staff is reviewing discharge instructions with the Patient. Ways for you to be present: • Drop off comfort items (photos, food, iPad, phone, blanket, etc.) from home. • Familiar items can be especially helpful for patients with dementia or confusion. Please bring things your Loved One finds comforting and can keep his/her hands busy (stuffed animal, doll, blanket, etc.) • Drop off a picture(s) of your Loved One & of your family to be hung in the room. • Record messages: Record a message, stories , music, familiar noises, etc. on a cassette or digital recorder or use to record onto a flash drive. Please contact Spiritual Care if you need assistance obtaining a recorder. • Get to Know Me Poster: You can fill out a poster with info about your Loved One. You can pick a poster up from our main entrance (#3), print one using this code, or simply make your own. • TV: Tell the nurse your Loved One's preferences. • Music: Spiritual Care can take a CD player & music to the room. Or music can be played on the computer in the Patient's room. • Photos: Make a flash drive with a photo slideshow to be played on the Patient's TV. Deliveries: (photos, recordings, posters, etc.) • Clearly label all items to be delivered. • Deliveries are accepted at Entrance #3 (main) between 7am—7pm and after hours at Entrance # 1 (ER). • These items will be delivered to the nursing station. For recordings & posters, you can arrange for Spiritual Care to meet you at the entrance. • We will make every effort to safeguard items. If an item is irreplaceable please consider making a duplicate or providing an alternate item. Questions: Call your Loved One's Nurse or Spiritual Care (907) 212-2990. Our first priority is always to care for your Loved One. Whenever possible we will try to ease everyone's way and help with connections. Staying Connected when your Loved One is in the Hospital 10/08/2021

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