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EVERY PURCHASE COUNTS! To become carbon negative, we need to change our purchasing habits. Using the WE ACT framework, teams from across Providence contributed to our new Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policy. The EPP Policy includes guidelines to help us get the goods and services we need while minimizing damage to the environment. Even if you don't make large purchases, you can help! Below are some tips, extracted from the EPP Policy, to help you make more environmentally aware choices. Durable and long-lasting Low-maintenance Recycled or recyclable Compostable Efficient products and equipment - especially those with third-party efficiency rating (e.g. ENERGY STAR) Products with excessive packaging Single-use or disposable Excess - ordering more than needed Water-wasteful products Products that require incandescent lights Locally grown Sustainably grown Minimally processed Highly processed foods and beverages Products containing hormones or pesticides Choose this ... Avoid this ... Any product containing mercury Products and supplies that minimize the use of harmful chemicals Unnecessary or excessive business travel Rental cars, hotel stays and flights from vendors that prioritize care of the environment Use of technology and virtual meetings to reduce travel

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