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Health Matters: Providence St. Jude Medical Center | 3 A SPOTLIGHT ON KETO DIETS Diet plays a vital part in improving health and wellness. Keto diets have become more popular in the past few years. The ketogenic, or keto, diet is high-fat and low- carbohydrate. Following a keto diet requires an individual to reduce carbohydrate consumption from the recommended daily intake of 200–300 grams to less than 50 grams, while replacing those calories with fat. Keto diets are meant to induce ketosis, a process whereby the body creates ketones out of stored fats for energy. Beginning a keto diet can lead to what is referred to as the "keto flu," where dieters experience feelings of nausea, headaches and fatigue. Many health care professionals are wary of keto diets because they are often high in fat, which can lead to gallstones or even gallbladder removal. There is also no telling what the long-term cardiovascular effects are of strict keto dieting. "Keto has become a trendy diet and, in doing so, it has been manipulated into a high-animal- fat diet that includes lots of processed meat products. Many practitioners label this as 'dirty keto,' and it can actually have harmful health effects long-term," says registered dietitian Megan Wroe, wellness manager at the Providence St. Jude Wellness Center. A truly healthy and beneficial keto diet has high- fat components that come from plant fats, such as nuts, seeds, olives, avocados and oils. This is referred to as a plant-based keto diet. Plant-based keto diets may also be appropriate for those undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from cancer, as well as those who may be doing a short-term, ketogenic-fasting-type diet for enhanced immune and metabolic function. JOIN US FOR A FREE VIRTUAL PRESENTATION Keto, Paleo & Plant-Based Diets: Which One to Choose? August 17, 6 p.m. With so much information on diets and meal plans on the internet, it can be difficult to know which one might work for you. Join our wellness dietitian Megan Wroe for an informative class about the differences (and similarities) of the most prominent diets in mainstream media so that you can choose the most appropriate eating plan for your own unique health needs. Recipe booklet available to all attendees. Please register by calling 844-925-0944. After you register, a confirmation email including the Zoom meeting link will be sent to you. The Providence St. Jude Wellness Center offers classes that can help you improve your health through a range of nutrition programs, including a fasting-mimicking guided approach, individual consultations and even virtual webinars and cooking classes at little to no cost. Is a keto diet right for you? Begin your unique, personalized wellness plan by scheduling a coaching appoint- ment with a registered dietitian now by visiting, calling 714-578-8770 or emailing

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