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Health Matters: Providence Mission Hospital | 9 Second Time's the Charm After an unsuccessful orthopedic surgery out of state, a local man finds relief at Providence Mission. F or Adam Stevenson, a New Year 's Day ski outing in Aspen, Colorado, took a disastrous turn when he fractured the top of his shinbone, the tibia. He spent the first evening of 2021 in an Aspen hospital having an emergency procedure to correct his tibial plateau fracture. Back home in Orange County, Stevenson had his first post-surgery checkup in mid- January. Upon reviewing Stevenson's X-ray, his physician noticed a gap between his tibia and knee. "After consulting with trauma experts, the doctor determined that the emergency surgery would need to be redone immediately—in fact, the next day. I was referred to one of Providence Mission's experts in orthopedic trauma, Dr. Christopher M. Hoshino," says Stevenson. It was an inauspicious start to the new year, but Stevenson is now doing well, thanks to the stellar care he received at Providence Mission Hospital. Shortly after learning he would need surgery, Stevenson received a call from Dr. Hoshino, who discussed his case and put him at ease. "The surgery was so short notice that Dr. Hoshino did not have any open appointments, but he made it work and fit me in," says Stevenson. "It was impressive, and I appreciated that Dr. Hoshino was willing to accommodate my needs." Dr. Hoshino knew Stevenson needed immediate care. "Adam was in a lot of discomfort," he says. "We told him to come in through the ER so we could get it taken care of. When I saw him, just looking at his leg, I could see it wasn't right; it was knock-kneed. We don't like to do revision surgery if we don't have to. But Adam has done well, and the most important thing is that his leg is straight again." Providence Mission has a roster of top-flight orthopedic surgeons who can handle both planned surgeries and those patients who come in through the ER, Dr. Hoshino says. "These orthopedic trauma patients are very vulnerable when they come in," he says. "We try to have the highest-quality orthopedics available around the clock so whenever you come in you can get the best care." By the end of March, Stevenson, who's an avid runner, golfer and skier, was attending physical therapy three times a week and working out four to five times per week—all without pain. "It was clear from my discussions with Dr. Hoshino and his team that they had the utmost confidence in the revision. I could put my full weight on the leg just eight weeks after the second surgery," he says. "This exceeded all my expectations and the previous opinion from the doctor who performed the first surgery." Stevenson, who had a prior successful surgery at Providence Mission in 2018, says he's impressed with the high level of care he received at the hospital. "Dr. Hoshino is a true professional," he says, "and, in my opinion, went above and beyond, along with his team and colleagues." The free webinar "How to Avoid Sports Injuries in Adolescents and Adults," presented by orthopedic surgeon Kent Marangi, MD, will be held Aug. 16. To sign up, go to Providence. org/MissionClasses.

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