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RELEASE OF LIABILITY I, (print student name) _________________________________, enter into the following agreement. In consideration of PAMC permitting me to participate in a voluntary learning experience: I, for myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assignees, hereby covenant and agree that I will never institute, prosecute, or in any way aid in the institution or prosecution of any demand, claim, or suit against PAMC and/or its agents or employees, acting officially or otherwise, for any loss, damage, or injury to my person or property which may occur from any cause whatsoever as a result of my participation in the activities at PAMC or going to or from the facility. If I should demand, claim, sue, or aid in any way such a demand, claim, suit, I agree to indemnify PAMC all damages, expenses, and costs it may incur as a result thereof. I understand and agree that I may be held liable for any damages or loss to PAMC which is caused by my negligence, willful conduct, dishonesty or fraud. I have read and fully understand the foregoing instrument and agree to the same by affixing my signature. Participant Name (printed or typed) ____________________________________ Date Signed __________________ Signature _________________________________________________________ FOR THE MINOR PARTICIPANT (if applicable) I/We, as parent(s) or guardian(s) of the above named minor do hereby: Consent to his/her participating in the activities of PAMC: Agree to the provisions of the above agreement and adopt it as my/our own; and; Agree to reimburse PAMC for any damage incurred by it for which this minor would be liable were he/she 18 years of age. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) (printed or typed) Date Signed ________________________________________ ________________ Signature of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) ___________________________________________________ (Both the participant and parent/guardian, if applicable, shall execute this form.) (Completed form will be maintained in Community Services file.)

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