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Orange County Community Resilience Fund Evaluation Report 29 • Human Resources strategies, including how to identify the need to cut staff and how to do it while minimizing the human impact • Best financial practices, including the use of reserves • Safely reopening and providing services • Use of technology, and overcoming barriers such as the digital divide • Creation of in-language materials and cultural and linguistically competent approaches These are unprecedented times for the community, providers, and philanthropic sector. Each has shown remarkable resilience, innovation, and spirit. Each will need to continue to show those traits. The nonprofit sector has been asked to make difficult decisions about priorities, staffing, mission, and finances. As the crisis continues, these decisions will become harder. The philanthropic sector has also been pushed out of its comfort zone, and has responded with greater resources, streamlined processes, and flexibility. Now, in the second wave of COVID-19, philanthropy must look to see how else they can help. They must be even more strategic in their giving, and consider new ways of working. And, much like nonprofits are realizing this situation requires dipping into their reserves, philanthropy must examine their own reserves and giving and see what else they are able to do. The work of nonprofits and philanthropy has done so much to mitigate the disaster of the first five months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next five months are just as critical, and a continued response that focuses on relief, recovery, and long-term resilience will help Orange County, particularly the most vulnerable, get through the crisis. Together, we must all work through the fatigue and financial challenges to craft a continued response that shows the path to stronger, more resilient communities and institutions.

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