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Conclusion and Next Steps The snapshot of these 130 nonprofits provides a picture of nonprofits that are very concerned about and significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are seeing immediate revenue decreases and facing certain further declines. Com- pounding the revenue lost, costs are increasing due to extra staffing, technology, or equipment needs. While organizations are trying to be innovative in the new environment, those services that cannot "go remote" are temporarily shutting down. During this pandemic, nonprofits are facing the same uncertainty that everyone is. As they do not know how long their facil- ities will need to remain closed, these nonprofits do not know how long they will go without earned-income, without their traditional face-to-face fundraisers, and more. This is also a time when nonprofits will have to be more creative and analytical than ever about their budgets, their revenue streams and expenses. This is also a time in which nonprofits and the populations they serve will benefit immensely from responsive and informed philanthropic response. Philanthropy serves as critical bridge funding and immediate support in times of disaster, as regions await public resources. The federal Families First and CARE Acts, which expand benefits, leave, and offer loan programs to small businesses and nonprofits, will begin to hit localities in May. The State of California has released an additional $50M in small business loans to release capital to those who need it. Not all nonprofits or residents will be able to benefit from these programs, but the landscape will evolve quickly, and so too must regional foundations and donors who are in the fight. The Fund continues to raise support, and Round 2 and Round 3 grants are anticipated to be dispersed in mid-April and in May. The Fund will disperse emergency grants for as long as it has funding to do so, but the intent is to quickly push these critical dollars to the front line. It is important to note that these early applications may not yet reflect the full extent or impact of the pandemic and shutdown. Many more applications are still coming in. Analysis of those and future applications likely will reveal changing situations as the reality on the ground changes. Charitable Ventures will continue to evaluate applications and nonprofit needs, while communicating with applicants in the first round to explore how their situations change and to measure the impact of the OC Community Resilience Fund grant making. The Fund is committed to sharing the findings of this evaluation with community, nonprofits, and funders, in order to inform the continuing response to the pandemic. • Website: Founded in 1989, the Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) works with donors, strengthens the local nonprofit sector and works to find solutions to community needs. Since its inception, OCCF has awarded $690 million in grants and scholarships and ranks in the top one percent in grantmaking activity among more than 780 U.S. community foundations. For more information, visit or call 949-553-4202. Be a part of our conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund makes strategic investments in the health and well-being of communities across the Western United States. The Fund works to reduce health disparities and promote equity by investing in systems-level impacts on community health issues, and strengthening partnerships and collaboration. Our investments fall into the following four categories: building capacity and partnerships, promoting justice and community leaders, investing in best practices and new ideas, and caring for the vulnerable. For more information, please visit: Charitable Ventures was launched in 2007 to encourage the growth of innovative regional nonprofits and to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector. As a regional incubator, Charitable Ventures has fiscally sponsored more than 60 community projects and regional initiatives since inception. In 2020, Charitable Ventures anticipates sponsoring more than 35 active projects on track to raise between $14 and $16 million, and is the region's Administrative Community Based Organization for the 2020 Census. Visit for more information. Orange County Grantmakers is a community of philanthropists committed to improving outcomes for Orange County and beyond. Our mission is to advance social impact by supporting, strengthening and building adaptive leadership across our nonprofit and philanthropic community.

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