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Health Matters: Providence St. Joseph Hospital | 3 Technology Is Leading the Way to Safer and More Precise Treatment "A lot of patients want to know if the robot is doing the operation or if I am—who's in control?" says Abtin H. Khosravi, MD, medical director of robotic surgery at Providence St. Joseph Hospital since 2018. "I tell them, 'It's me, the entire time. The robot is just mimicking my hands … It's as if they shrink the surgeon and put him inside your body.'" But the robot also gives surgeons more capabilities. According to Dr. Khosravi, "I can use three instruments at a time that have more dexterity than the human wrist. The camera and laser imaging lets me visualize important structures in unique ways." Providence St. Joseph has a long history of pioneering robotic surgery, going back to the early 2000s, including the first robotic prostate surgery in Southern California. According to Dr. Khosravi, the hospital has continued to be a leader in technology. "Providence St. Joseph has a fleet of da Vinci Xi fourth-generation robots that are used for a variety of procedures. This year marked our 8,000th completed robotic surgery. Keeping true to its pioneering roots, Providence St. Joseph recently added an SP system, which can perform narrow-access surgeries inside organs, and the Ion, a robotic endoscopy system that has expanded the reach of its lung cancer screening program. Our surgeons are constantly seeking the latest techniques and technologies to improve the care we provide our patients. Dr. Ayaz Biv i, Dr. Sami Hamamji, Dr. Janis Fee, Dr. Abtin Khosravi QUICK STATS 877,000 surgeries in the U.S. in 2019 and 1.2 million worldwide were robot-assisted. 35% of surgeons perform robotic surgery AT PROVIDENCE ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL Approximately 8,000 robotic procedures completed 1,150 robotic procedures completed in the past year 23 active surgeons on medical staff

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