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Providence Pediatric Therapy Sidewalk chalk obstacle courses or mazes Thinking and games: Keep your kids brains active and moving too! Play PLAY!! Absolutely the best thing you can do with your child to build every single skill! Marble mazes- use Legos or an old cardboard box, craft sticks, or straws to create. Use straws and ping pong balls to blow them through too! Stick-tionary- create pictures using objects you find outside like sticks, pinecones, rocks, etc Board and card games Puzzles Lego stamping art- use Legos and paint to make letters, animals, cities, you name it! Flashlight tag or I spy- turn off the lights and see what you can find or follow each other with your flashlights (great before bed to help kids get used to the dark!) Matching or Memory games- play waitress and have them bring you items you "ordered" or put socks in a pile and see who can match the most the fastest I Spy or hidden pictures- highlights has 2 weeks for free Clapping and singing games Alphabet scavenger hunt –hide letters ( you can even write them on piece of paper) and they have to find Put on a play, puppet show or talent show Minute to win it games- possibilities are endless. Here's some ideas: o Sensory play: Sensory based play is not only a great way to learn about our world but it builds language skills, self-regulation, mindfulness, and overall awareness of our present surroundings. Talk about what you hear, see, taste, smell, feel etc. Slime o Here's my favorite fluffy slime recipe slime-recipe/ Get outside and talk about what you hear, see, feel, smell Outdoor scavenger hunt- find something rough, smooth, hard, soft, wet, dry, blue, etc

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