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Providence Pediatric Therapy Obstacle courses- use objects around and outside your house. This not only gets kids moving but also requires a lot of cognitive skills like organizing, sequencing, and problem-solving Movement Mazes: get creative to make mazes. Use masking/painters tape on the floor, string/streamers in the hallway, couch cushions and chairs, chalk outside, line up books, follow a string on the ground. The possibilities are endless! Build a fort Play with animals (play catch with your dog, laser tag with your cat, cuddle your bunny) Stuffed animal relay race- pile animals up at end, put cups/objects down and weave through the cups without knocking them over to transport animals to the end. Or move through a full obstacle course! Simon says Go outside- jump, climb, hop, balance, spin, tumble, explore! Go on beach walks, walk trails or even around your neighborhood. Outdoor trails offer natural obstacle courses Charades Dance party Create a musical band using household items Hop scotch Play catch Musical chairs Freeze dance party- stop your body when the music stops Juggling- start with scarves or bean bags Toe transfer- pick up small objects/figurines with your toes and put in a container/defined space- great for balance and attention Bubbles- pop them with your hands, stomp them with your feet, get party blowers and pop them Put cushions/pillow/soft animals at end of hallway and crash into the end! Red light/green light (can do with cushions at end of hallway) Animal walks- crab, bear, dog, penguin, crocodile, snake slither, seal slide, horse gallops, giraffe, frog, rabbit, duck, kangaroo hops Pillow path- using only 2 pillows work your way across a room to rescue animals or Lego characters

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