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Providence Pediatric Therapy Hello to all our Providence families! Our amazing pediatric team has created a list of activity ideas to help keep you and your kids busy and full of joy, learning, and movement in these ever-changing times. If we had to pick only one activity from this extensive list, it would be turn off technology and PLAY!! Simple equipment with endless possibilities: Bubbles Pool noodles Pom-poms Straws Craft sticks Painters tape Balloons Party blowers Ping pong balls Rubber bands and push pins Cardboard boxes Chalk Spray bottles Q-tips Kitchen tongs Racquetballs Hula hoops String Empty containers Paper plates Plastic/party cups Bubble wrap or old packing material Movement It's also important to keep kids moving! Movement is what builds strong brain connections, teaches them about their bodies and keeps kids regulated. Here are some great ideas for the whole family! Balloon games o Soccer- use feet only o Use just 1-arm or alternate left and right o No hands (elbows, heads, shoulder, knees only!) o Count how many times they can keep it up- you can build on this skill and do it with 1-arm or no hands or feet only or head only! o Use rackets/pool noodles to hit back and forth or to a wall o Juggling- keep more than 1 balloon up at a time

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