Understanding the Nose and Its Function

The nose is certainly a prominent organ for it sits right smack in the middle of your face. Not only does it contribute to the beauty of your face, not only does it support your glasses, but also it plays an important role in your overall well being and health.

The most obvious function of the nose is breathing. Air enters your body through your nose and it is warmed, humidified and filtered. That same heat and humidity are captured each time you exhale. When your nose is ill it is often blocked and you are forced to breathe through your mouth. Most consider this to be very annoying inconvenience. Allergens and diseases can enter your body through your nose. A common cold is the best known example, and when this happens your nose and sinuses become blocked and filled with secretions and even the toughest of us are reduced to constantly blowing, sniffing, and not feeling well.

The nose also houses the receptors responsible for your sense of smell. Without smell, food would lose its entire flavor. The environment, your loved ones and perfumes turn flat. While we all take our ability to smell for granted, the two to four million Americans who have lost their sense of smell will tell you this is a major disruption of their well being. Many consider it a handicap and a disability. The nose is an important part of one's appearance. We all have expectations of what our noses should look like and if your nose looks different because it's bigger, smaller or crooked, this changes your self-image.

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