Vaccination process at Our Lady of the Desert Catholic Church

February 12, 2021 Renee Petro

When you arrive for your vaccination, you will be checked in at the parking lot entrance to ensure that you have a scheduled appointment. You will be handed a clipboard and pen with a packet attached and directed to follow the parking lot attendants who will direct you to the appropriate parking spot. 

After parking, you will fill out the first piece of paper in the packet, which includes fields for contact information and a series of Yes/No questions. Please be sure to flip the first page over and answer the two questions on the back, as well as sign and date it. 

Someone with the check-in staff will approach your vehicle once you have finished filling out the form and ask to look it over to make sure everything looks good. Be prepared to provide a photo ID to them. Once they have made sure everything has been filled out correctly, you will be directed to exit your vehicle with your packet, your clipboard, your pen and your photo ID and approach the front of the vaccination building. 

A staff member will greet you at the front, look over your packet and let you know when it is your turn to enter. Once inside, you will be directed to a table where a nurse will verify your information, go over the corresponding paperwork in the packet and administer the vaccine. They will then fill out a vaccine card for you and also give you a timecard to let you know when your observation time will be complete. 

Once you have been vaccinated, you will cross over to the other side of the room to the observation area and a staff member will direct you to the appropriate seat. While you wait for your observation time, which lasts 15-30 minutes, to finish, you will be directed to approach one of the clerical staff sitting at a row of computers to schedule your second vaccination appointment. 

After entering your information into their system, they will provide a card with the time and date of your second vaccine appointment and you will also receive a confirmation email with your appointment information. Once your second vaccine appointment is scheduled and your observation time has elapsed, you are free to exit through the glass doors nearest the observation area, return to your car and exit the parking lot.

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