Visitor Restrictions Policy

Visitation policy subject to change
Due to the rapid changing guidelines from the state and county around COVID-19, please note that our visitation guidelines are subject to change daily and often times fluctuate dependent on the COVID-19 cases locally counted in our community and within the hospital. To protect our patients and staff, we may limit visitors as needed to ensure a safer environment of care.  

To enhance safety in our hospitals, visitor restrictions are in effect at all Providence Southern California hospitals until further notice. This is vital to the safety of our patients and those who work in our hospitals. We know this is difficult and we urge patients and loved ones to consider other communication options, such as calling, texting and video chats.

All visitors must pass COVID-19 Screening to be allowed entry.

  • COVID-19 or those suspected of having COVID-19: Visitors are not allowed, with limited exceptions.
  • Inpatient, intensive care unit and outpatient areas: One designated visitor per day (family member or guardian) can visit patients between 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Hospice, end-of-life and comfort care situations: Up to two visitors at one time.
  • Patients with physical, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and those with cognitive impairment: One visitor.
  • Labor and Delivery: One designated partner supporting a mother in labor may now remain with the mom throughout the hospitalization.
  • NICU: Two parents at a time (with patient identification band on parent) throughout the hospitalization.
  • Pediatrics: One parent at a time (with patient identification band on parent) throughout the hospitalization.
  • Minors: One parent at time throughout the hospitalization.  

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