Intersections Initiative and Measuring Transformative Change

The Intersections Initiative, funded by St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund (SJCPF) and facilitated by Prevention Institute, brings together seven California communities with the goal of advancing health equity by addressing the community conditions that shape health, safety, and well-being. This is a three-year investment and opportunity to elevate the role of healthcare and health system partners in upstream prevention and health equity efforts.

Jason Lacsamana, director of program partnerships with SJCPF recommends a simple set of evaluation processes that potentially have a better fit since each initiative is unique:

  • Evaluations should include measures that prioritize community capacity and civic engagement indicators.
  • Funders should adopt a longer time horizon for evaluation.
  • How things are measured should be as important as what is measured. 

In the latest Health Affairs blog, Jason discusses lessons from 2020, including health equity and racial justice, long-term solutions to address homelessness, and there are more detail about ways to measure transformative change.

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