Food Insecurity

May 7, 2021

It’s hard to imagine members of our own community who struggle with food insecurity. Covenant Health’s Health Education and Wellness Center partnership with Catholic Charities of Lubbock provides food for the most vulnerable, including the elderly and families with children.  

When COVID-19 affected our community, Covenant Health and Catholic Charities partnered to provide food vouchers for those in need. Schools closed, leaving many children hungry at home. Vouchers were purchased to provide at least one grocery basket full of items for those families who lost much needed support.  

Annie is an elderly woman living on a fixed income.  She is raising two grandchildren and only receives minimal government support.  When the children’s school transitioned to virtual learning only, she panicked.  She didn’t know how she would feed her grandchildren during the school day. Catholic Charities offered her a food voucher to the South Plains Food Bank. Throughout the year, our partnership allowed Catholic Charities to help Annie put food on the table to feed her family during the pandemic.  

 Our commitment to fulfilling our mission, vision, values and promise will not be halted because of a pandemic. Annie’s story is one of hope as we create a collective story, a story of touching and changing lives, written one day, one person and one miracle at a time. 

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