Our caregivers raise $446,000 for hurricane, wildfire relief to date

September 19, 2017 Rod Hochman

Update: Due to the dire situation in Puerto Rico and other islands affected by Hurricane Maria, we have extended the deadline for our matching donations to Thursday, Oct. 12. 

When you work in health care and see entire communities in a state of emergency, your first instinct is to want to help in any way you can, whether it’s in your own backyard or on the other side of the country. It’s the first responder in all of us.

Caregivers across Providence St. Joseph Health have done just that in response to the hurricanes that have battered the Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, as well as the wildfires that have engulfed some of the most beautiful public and private lands in the West.

When we announced that we would match caregiver donations dollar for dollar, the people of Providence St. Joseph Health generously stepped up. Together, we have raised more than $446,000 to support Red Cross relief efforts in the affected communities.

 A breakdown of our fundraising efforts to date

As of Sept. 18, 2017

Caregiver donations

PSJH match

PSJH system donation












Wildfires (disaster relief)





Where it is needed most









$446, 340

Deadline for match: Sept. 28

There is still time to give. We will continue to match contributions to support wildfire and Hurricane Irma relief efforts through 5 p.m. Pacific Thursday, Sept. 28 up to $100,000. Please note: Matching donations to Hurricane Harvey relief are now closed. For those of our caregivers who want to contribute but have not yet done so, I encourage you to make your gift before the deadline so you can take advantage of the match. You can find the link to our dedicated Red Cross page here.

PTO donations: Another way to contribute

I am also pleased to announce that we are implementing a disaster PTO (vacation/annual leave) donation program, which allows our caregivers to donate the value of unused, accrued PTO to the Red Cross through Sept. 28.

To learn more about how this program works, you can find more details here:

Thank you again to the caregivers of Providence St. Joseph Health. Your compassion and generosity embody the very spirit of our organization.

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