Advocacy alert: Take action for the poor and vulnerable

September 22, 2017 Rod Hochman

We've made it easy for any of our caregivers who feel called to contact Congress. If you are a member of the public, we have also provided resources below for you. 

At Providence St. Joseph Health, we are called to serve the poor and vulnerable. This includes speaking up when necessary to ensure everyone in our communities has access to high-quality health care. The Sisters of Providence and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange have always been vocal advocates for those we serve. In that tradition, I am asking our caregivers for help on a critical issue in which our collective voice is needed.

As you may have heard, the U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on new legislation that would eliminate health care coverage for millions of Americans. Known as the Graham-Cassidy bill, the proposal would dismantle the Medicaid safety net in many of our communities. If passed, the bill would:

  • Cap and severely cut Medicaid funding
  • Cause vulnerable children and adults to lose their coverage
  • Destabilize the health insurance market and make health care less affordable for those who depend on it most
  • Affect the future health and well being of the states we serve

If you are a caregiver with the Providence St. Joseph Health family, you can help by making your voice heard. Please be assured that acting on this request is entirely voluntary. But if you feel called to speak up on behalf of those we serve, we have created an online tool to make it easy for you to contact your Congress members.

Easy links for our caregivers
Our Government Affairs team has organized a grass-roots advocacy campaign, focusing on five of the seven states we serve. Just click on the link for the state where you live, and it will be easy for you to send a message. 

The Senate is expected to vote next week (by Sept. 30), so time is of the essence. Thank you for considering this request to stand up for health care. My deepest gratitude to all our caregivers for all you do to bring comfort, compassion and healing to vulnerable individuals in our communities every day.

Resources for the public

  • U.S. Senators - Get contact information for U.S. Senators in the state where you live
  • U.S. Representatives - Get contact information for your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.
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