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Insights and perspectives from Rod Hochman, president and CEO of Providence St. Joseph Health

  • Volunteering is one way to "do all the good you can"

    Volunteering is one way to "do all the good you can"

    When I think about the amazing work our caregivers do, I am often reminded of the wonderful quote by John Wesley: “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, for all..

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  • Empowering our patients via Apple’s new health records feature

    Empowering our patients via Apple’s new health records feature

    If you’re an iPhone user, you may be familiar with Apple’s Health app. It helps you keep track of how many steps you take, how much sleep you’re getting, what you’re eating and how often you stop...

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  • Introducing the new Mission statement for Providence St. Joseph Health

    Introducing the new Mission statement for Providence St. Joseph Health

    The Sisters of Providence and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange had a clear sense of purpose when they traveled West 160 years ago. They came to serve those in need and to be a source...

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  • Cuts to discounted drug program will hurt vulnerable populations

    If you want to stay abreast of issues related to health care for low-income populations, one to watch is the 340B Drug Discount program. Recent cuts to this program will undoubtedly devastate some...

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  • Parkland: Enough is enough

    When news broke about last week’s shooting in Parkland, Fla., it was unbearable to see the faces and learn the stories of the 17 innocent students and teachers who were murdered in the...

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  • DACA: Our letter to Congress

    At Providence St. Joseph Health, we are proud that 147 of our caregivers are “Dreamers," or individuals covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program. DACA gives these young...

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  • Health care needs leaders, not managers

    Managers micromanage, leaders inspire. Leaders have the courage to face what others fear. Leaders give their power away.

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  • Let's put health care over politics

    It's time for a bipartisan approach to health care. That's why Providence St. Joseph Health is proud to join the United States of Care, a group of diverse organizations that have come...

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  • Amazon-JP Morgan-Berkshire deal: A sign of the times

    Providence St. Joseph Health has been preparing for disruption in health care by new entrants for some time. In fact, we recently included it on our list of top predictions for 2018.

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  • Talking with POLITICO about the future of health in America

    Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dan Diamond of POLITICO Pulse, a daily briefing on health care politics and policy. We discussed the current state of traditional hospital systems and...

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  • Human trafficking is a crime against humanity; health professionals are a critical lifeline for victims

    We may think slavery is a thing of the past. But today and every day, an estimated 30 million women, children and men are the victims of human trafficking all over the world. Many are forced into...

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  • Our top health care predictions for 2018

    As we start 2018, Providence St. Joseph Health is preparing for another big year for health care. Today, we shared our predictions for what to expect from the industry this year. See our...

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  • Mental health and addiction: A conversation with Maureen Bisognano

    I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with Maureen Bisognano, president emerita of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Throughout her distinguished career, she has helped improve the...

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  • Thank you for a year of compassion and generosity

    It is such a blessing to work for an organization where you don’t have to look far for inspiration. I find it every day in the 111,000 caregivers of Providence St. Joseph Health  To everyone who...

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  • Serving rural communities through technology

    Besides higher education, health care is one of the last bastions to fully enter the digital age. There are so many ways we can use technology to improve the quality of care and the health of our...

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  • Together, we raised over $1 million for disaster relief

    Note this post was updated Dec. 14, 2017 to include a thank you letter from the Red Cross. See below. From the wildfires that scorched the Western U.S. to the hurricanes that battered the Gulf...

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  • Talking health care with Chris Little of KFI AM Radio in Los Angeles

    Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Little, news director for KFI AM Radio in Los Angeles, about the future of health care. We spoke in-depth about who Providence St. Joseph Health...

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  • Gratitude for our caregivers for making the world a better place

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to take a moment to wish you all a warm and happy holiday. I personally have many blessings to count in my life, and I am especially grateful for...

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  • Introducing the many faces of Medicaid; Share your story

    Medicaid has been a lifeline for millions of Americans since it began in 1965. Yet, the program is not widely understood. There are many stereotypes and myths about who benefits from it. And to...

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  • California wildfires: Our caregivers need your help

    The wildfire situation in California, especially Northern California, remains perilous. We have confirmed that 39 of our caregivers in Napa and Sonoma counties have lost their homes.  Many more...

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