Mission Hospital Improves Clinical Communication using Quail Digital’s Wireless Healthcare Headset

October 28, 2016

Mission Hospital, part of the St. Joseph Hoag Health network, with campuses in Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach, has chosen to install Quail Digital’s wireless headset technology to improve communication between physicians and clinical staff during complex procedures.

Mission Hospital Mission Viejo is south Orange County’s only regional trauma center and, through a unique partnership with CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital, is the only designated paediatric health care center in south Orange County. Two of Quail Digital’s wireless healthcare headset systems are being used in Mission Hospital’s cath labs, where clinicians use diagnostic imaging equipment to see the arteries and chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found.

Mission Hospital uses the headsets during their 4 hour complex ablation procedures. The inclusion of the headsets has significantly reduced noise in the room and created a much better form of direct, clear communication between staff, physicians and critical rep support.

The headsets are worn by clinical team members to ensure high-definition communication during procedures. Those using the headsets are able to speak clearly with colleagues in the adjoining monitoring room to share information and instructions regarding patient care and the status of any procedures.

The Quail Digital Healthcare System, which supports up to 30 headset users weighing just 23g, is designed to provide clear and discrete communication on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band. Multiple systems can be used on the same floor without interference.

Quail Digital has recently become a fully registered U.S Federal Supplier to hospitals and agencies for its wireless headset system.

“The headsets allow for better communication between the physicians and staff during complex ablations which reduces noise in room. We have had great feedback from all Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists” says Linda Ashbury, Mission Hospital’s Cath Lab Manager.

Tom Downes, CEO of Quail Digital said:“We’re delighted that Mission Hospital has selected Quail Digital for its ORs. Improving communication between the clinical team is always important and contributes to better patient outcomes. We look forward to working with Mission over the coming years.” 


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