Facey Recognized by Office of Patient Advocate for High-Quality, Low-Cost Care for Medicare in Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

November 30, 2016

3 Physicians in Santa Clarita honored at 11th annual Awards Gala

The HealthCare Quality Report Cards 2016-17 Edition from California's Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) recognized Facey Medical Group for high-quality and low-cost care in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties. California Office of the Patient Advocate compared medical group Medicare members' records in 2014 to a set of national standards for quality of care to review that medical groups are consistently providing quality preventive care and service to Medicare patients. To view the complete report visit the OPA website.

In Ventura County, Facey Medical Group had lower care costs compared to competitors serving the same market. Other providers serving Simi Valley, who earned two stars on a four-star scale, cost up to $1,000 more per year than care with Facey, which earned consistently higher ratings. The report card’s data proved that in Ventura County Facey provides quality care at a consistently lower rate than its competitors.

On the OPA Medicare Report Card, Facey Medical Group earned an ‘excellent rating’ on blood sugar control and kidney function testing for diabetics as well as breast cancer screenings in both Los Angeles and Ventura county. Additionally, Facey was rated 4-stars in their use of treatments proven to be effective, colorectal cancer screening, and stabilizing patients to prevent hospital readmission after initial discharge.

Los Angeles County is a geographically and ethnically diverse area, where Facey serves communities including Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley. The Santa Clarita Valley Signal recognized Facey physicians Rebecca Patterson-Judd, M.D., Roscoe Marter, M.D., and Steven Nathanson, M.D.for their contributions to the community as health care providers at the 11th annual “51” awards gala, which drew more than 300 people.

"These lower costs are a reflection of our collaborative attitude toward care and the benefits of our affiliation with Providence Health & Services," said Erik Davydov, M.D., Facey Medical Group director. "Hospital care, preventive treatment and specialty care is integrated, not redundant."

The report card measured the average annual payments made to medical groups by commercial HMO plans and included patient co-pays and other costs in addition to including quality scores in three major areas: medical group uses treatments proven to be effective, patients rate their medical group and average annual payment for care. 

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