A Heartfelt Gift for the Present and Future

October 12, 2018

Charles “Ched” Salovesh, JD, was no stranger to palliative care at St. Jude. His wife, Dorothy Lippman Salovesh, NP, was instrumental in launching the program in 2003. Under her leadership, St. Jude became regionally-recognized for palliative care, and today, other hospitals study the program as a best-practice model in this once little known field of medicine.

While Ched understood the goals of palliative care—providing an extra layer of medical and emotional support for those managing a chronic or life-limiting condition or illness—his appreciation for the program substantially deepened when he benefited from these services himself later in his life.

Earlier this year, in honor of their appreciation and passion for the program, Dorothy and Ched announced plans to create an endowment for palliative care services at St. Jude. The seed funding for this endowment came from a planned gift that Ched set up in 2002.

“By seeding this endowment, Ched has ensured a permanent source of funding to meet the needs of patients into the future. We are incredibly grateful for this generous act of kindness,” says Susan Smith, Vice President of Philanthropy and Chief Development Officer for St. Jude Medical Center.

A man of foresight—a characteristic that served him well during his accomplished career in legal and law enforcement—Ched originally established his legacy gift to St. Jude through a charitable gift annuity.

This type of gift pays the donor, or a designated loved one, a guaranteed stream of income during their lifetime while also offering various tax benefits. The remainder supports St. Jude Medical Center—and in Ched and Dorothy’s case, the funds seeded an endowment that will forever carry the Lippman Salovesh family name while a supporting a program near and dear to them.

Although the vehicle offered financial and tax benefits, Ched’s decision to give was motivated by his love for St. Jude and its healing mission.

“The choice to donate is made on the heart, not on the dollars,” Ched said at the time of making his gift. “When we decided to make our gifts, our hearts were already with St. Jude.”

St. Jude is forever grateful to the Lippman Saloveshes for helping to ensure the long-term strength and sustainability of the palliative care program. Their legacy will provide everlasting comfort and healing to patients and families, now and for generations to come.

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