Why We Believe in Research Studies

February 15, 2011 Providence Regional Cancer System Southwest Washington
At Providence Regional Cancer System we participate in clinical research for many reasons. Clinical trials are vital in finding and establishing improved, less toxic ways to treat cancer. It is our hope that participation in a clinical trial will improve our patient’s quality of life and/or extend life.

We are always striving to:

  • Help find an improved cancer treatment with better outcomes for our patients
  • Help gather statistics for future generations who will be looking for better treatment
  • Help our physicians stay on the forefront of new treatment options
  • And of course, the ultimate goal, help discover a cure for cancer

You may or may not have followed the journey of the late Elizabeth Edwards, attorney, best-selling author and health care activist, she lost her fight with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 61.

Regardless of how you feel about her as a person she was a champion for medical research, participating in numerous clinical trials, speaking of the women who came before her,

"I knew I could not repay those women -- most much braver than I, many of whom had taken a chance with their own treatment in order to help find the best treatment for all of us -- except by helping the women who would come after me.”

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is a personal one. That’s why; throughout the whole process we always put you, the patient, first. If at any time you want to remove yourself you can. Doing so will never affect the care you receive from your treatment team.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday when we post, "Part 2: How a patient becomes part of a clinical trial"

Book Excerpt: Saving Graces: Finding solace and strength from friends and strangers by Elizabeth Edwards

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