It’s not too late to take the Census survey

July 22, 2020 Providence News Team

The Census survey has been extended due to COVID-19 and since it’s now available online, you can complete it in the safety and comfort of your home.  It only takes about 10 minutes to finish. In August, the Census Bureau will begin following up with households that haven’t responded.

How you can take the survey
It’s easier than ever this time, with options to complete the survey online, by phone or by mail. Take the survey today.  You’ll need your unique Census ID that came in your official invitation and reminders. If you can’t find the mailers or didn’t get them, you can get help on the Census page Ways to respond.

Who is counted
Everyone living in each household on April 1, 2020. That includes relatives, roommates, boarders, friends and new babies. You are counted whether you own a house, rent, stay in a shelter, or camp. Watch a Census video about the count.

Why it’s important
Here are just a few of the ways Census data is used for health and well-being:

  • The Census generates $3.2 billion a year in funding for essential services in Alaska, including health, safety, and economic recovery.  Even if you do not utilize these programs, your answers help generate funding for essential safety-net programs in Alaska.
  • Census information is used to decide where to build hospitals, community clinics, and other health care services. The data is also used to plan affordable housing.
  • Schools use Census data for school lunch programs and other important services for students.
  • Providence and many other nonprofits depend on Census data. For example, we use population counts to ensure our communities have access to the right amount of needed resources, such as food or housing.
  • Census data is used to decide federal funding for large health care programs like Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Census counts are vital for evacuation planning and emergency preparedness.

Have questions?
Wondering about personal privacy? Have questions about how the Census benefits your community? Go to or for more information.

Even though the Census survey is open until Oct. 31, take a few minutes today to complete the survey. Be counted and help shape the future of health care.


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